Opening times and prices

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm It is closed on Mondays, on December 25th and January 1st.

The reduced fee is aimed for students under 25 years old, teachers, visitors over 65, large families, groups over 10 adults, companion of a visitor with the “Carte jeune” card of Bordeaux Metropole.

Visitors under 18, unemployed and beneficiaries of minimum wage, disabled visitors and their companion, visitors with City Pass from the Tourism Office of Bordeaux, visitors with “Carte jeune” or “Bordeaux Découverte” cards, customs agents (French or not, active or retired), members of AHAD, professionals such as journalists, Icom or AGCCPF members, tourist guides.


Thanks to its floor level premises, the museum is entirely accessible to visitors with mobility issues. The mediation service may design adapted visits, at the request of the organizing party of the visit.

The museum has luggage lockers for medium sized bags. Suitcases are not allowed

No, pets are not allowed in the museum.

Acces to the Center of Historical Documentation

The CDH welcomes visitors only by appointment. The reading room has been adapted to fit the sanitary security requirements as welle as the general safety instructions.

No the CDH accepts only one reader at a time.

Visitors may come from 10am to 12,30am and from 2pm to 4,30pm, from Mondays to Fridays.

Visitors may present themselves at the museums entrance, 1 Place de la Bourse, with a identity document.

 Ms Sandrine Faure, documentation manager