Permanent collection

The museum offers an immersion into customs history,
while presenting the agents missions until nowadays.

The first part of the visit presents covers a large historical period, from Antiquity to the 19th century, allowing a renewed vision of the history of France through the history of customs, economics, politics and international trade. Main historical periods such as the Ancien régime, the French Revolution or Napoleon times are explored.

The second part illustrates the day to day life of customs agents, those working in the offices as well as those on the field, their gear, tools and uniforms. In this very rich section are presented collections dating essentially from 19th and 20th century. They showcase themes such as the customs army battalions, the sea rescue, the ambush, the clearing of goods or the laboratories.

Eventually, a last section presents the missions and methods of contemporary customs as well as the main fraud tendencies thanks to seizures achieved by customs services countrywide.
The modern and accessible exhibition enables every visitor to understand the role of customs nowadays. Topics such as the protection of endangered species, of cultural goods, the fight against counterfeit products are explained.
Come and discover the customs, that of yesterday and of today, where its importance remains undeniable.